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since 1989

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In-house Fellowship Programme

Fellowship Course

1 year fellowship Programme in Infertility / IVF Therapy


  1. Brief review of anatomy, physiology & endocrinology of male & female reproductive systems.

  2. Evaluation of infertile couple, investigation and arriving at a working diagnosis.

  3. Initial evaluation of counseling IVF/ ART procedures.

  4. Perform vaginal/abdominal scan including Doppler, 3D, 4D, follicular monitoring pertaining to reproductive medicine.

  5. Assisting surgical procedures related to reproductive medicine including pelvic endoscopy (Diagnostic & operative, laparoscopy & hysteroscopy procedures).

  6. Assisting IVF/ART procedures, ovum pick up and embryo transfer.

  7. Assisting ART surgical procedures like intrauterine insemination, TESA, PESA etc.

  8. Management of difficult cases like poor ovarian reserve, poor responder, prior multiple failed IVF/ICSI, recurrent pregnancy loss etc.

  9. Exposure to genetic and hormone estimation related to infertility.

  10. Exposure to cryopreservation methods (Semen/Ovum/embryo/etc).

  11. Exposure for conference presentation like slide making & power point presentation.

  12. Knowledge about ethics & Law in ART with respect to ICMR guidelines and ART draft law.

  13. Current controversies in ART (social, moral & media views).

  14. Quarterly & Final exam before awarding of fellowship.

  15. Library facility available.

  16. Course material provided.

  17. IVF laboratory set up (Level I / Level II & Level III: ICMR).

  18. Calibration of equipments & Quality Control.

  19. Third party donor programs & reproduction.

  20. Introduction to Adoption law in India.

Training & Conference