We Treat Infertility Since 1989 using Clean Laboratory Protocol (CLP)
since 1989

Main Hospital

V. V. Road, Pattoor,
Thiruvananthapuram, 695035. Kerala, S.India.
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Land Mark Achievements

Among the many IVF / ICSI births in our hospitals, the following are worth mentioning


  • South Kerala's First Test-Tube baby was born at Samad IVF Hospital on 24/09/2000.

  • South Kerala's First Blastocyte Test-Tube baby was born at Samad IVF Hospital on 28/08/2001.

  • South India's oldest post menopausal delivery (56 years) through IVF-ICSI method on 13/03/2002 well acclaimed by the print and the visual media including Star News and BBC World News.

  • Primary amenorrhoea / ovum donation test tube baby born on 18/05/2002.

  • World's third oldest post menopausal delivery at 62 years on 12/04/2004 well acclaimed by all the media.

  • Surrogacy (substitute motherhood), a rare method of infertility treatment helped an infertile couple to have a baby for them on 07/03/2005. It is the first time in Kerala state that a surrogate delivery is reported in media.

  • We had achieved higher success rate in treating high male infertility prevalent in Non resident Indians living at Middle East countries. Exposure to increased Heat, various environmental hazards, lifestyle and diet pattern are the major reasons for their infertility.


  • Pelvic Infertility Surgery : The female infertility due to Endometriosis of the pelvis is very common. Our surgical treatments through Video endoscopic surgery is successful to most of the females having this problem.